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INTIUM Fungicide … what’s netx ? Potatoes growing in the tree ?

I just came across this today and seems interesting …
BASF corporation in Germany developed a new type of fungicide called INTIUM and although no European country approved the product , Romania did it and it started to use it.

First lets take a look at the word fnugicide and bring up some relevant words :
Here is the definition from Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fungicide

Fungicides are chemical compounds or biological organisms used to kill or inhibit fungi or fungal spores. Fungi can cause serious damage in agriculture, resulting in critical losses of yield, quality and profit. ” (so it’s all about profit in the end)

What the english wikipedia dos not say its the following (from the Danish wikipedia) :
“The problem is that the funds – in addition to being fungicidal – also impacts on livestock and humans. In most cases, the acute toxic effects are very small (see LD50), but it does not preclude the funds can produce very strong long-term effects in terms of heritable changes (mutations), hypersensitivity reactions (allergies) or cancer.”

Yet , this pesticide not yet tested was already approved in Romania for country wide use , and furthermore , the Romanian authorities have recognized testing the INTIUM since 2007 !!

Here it’s the BASF press release :
Quote :

“We are very excited about Initium. It is the latest fungicide from our innovative pipeline developed for the fast-growing specialty crop business. It joins a whole range of BASF active ingredients in this segment, such as boscalid, F   500 ® , dimethomorph, and metrafenone”, says Peter Eckes, head of research and development at BASF’s Crop Protection division.

Now let’s take a look at the ingredients mentioned and in special one of them : Dimethomorph (not present in the Wikipedia … wonder why)
From another source :
Dimethomorph is only slightly toxic to mammals. The LD50, the dose which kills half of the test animals who consume it, is 3900 mg/kg for rats, 5000 mg/kg for male mice, and 3700 mg/kg for female mice (2). The LD50 for rats whose skin is exposed to dimethomorph is greater than 2000 mg/kg (2, 5). The concentration of dimethomorph in air which is fatal to half of the animals tested, the LC50, is greater than 4.24 mg/l air for rats. Dimethomorph is non-irritating to rabbit eyes and skin (1). It is non-sensitizing to guinea pigs’ skin (3).

Please note that the Danish Wikipedia mentioned the LD50 as being one of the substances that can cause cancer.

You can do a bit of research yourself on what the product contains and what not , but some sources say that INTIUM can cause Colon Cancer and that once the substance ingested
would be pretty hard to eliminate from the body.

Why in the world would Romania approve a substance that is NOT APPROVED in EU and no other country wanted to test it or use it because of the risks involved ??
Did BASF corporation came with a bag of money just like many other companies in the world when they came in Romania to bribe governments in order to make profit from thin air ?

Now Romania it’s first … and I bet some more will follow in the next few years because people want MORE food even if they don’t consume it.

Why the hell would you need to buy 5 kg potatoes when you only need to eat 1 and the rest will get thrown out after a while ? Why do we buy more than we actually need ? Just because we like to waste ?
If we all would buy just what we NEED and not what we THINK we need , there will be no need to have an agriculture based on fungicides and we might just survive what’s coming for us.

The taste of the food its not the same and will never be again as it was when I was a kid stealing tomatoes from the neighbors garden and eat them like apples because they tasted so freaking GOOD.

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  1. Johan
    April 7, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    Foarte interesant si inspaimantator , totodata. Dar, daca exista informatii, de ce nu se publica si numele celor care au aprobat folosirea acestuia in Romania? Sa aflam si noi, cei multi, pe care se fac experimente si multi bani, cativa din vinovatii de GENOCID din aceasta tara? Asteptam cu interes.

  2. Calin Vlad
    December 7, 2012 at 11:18 am

    Dragule, iti raspund si eu in romana, doar pentru ca imi este mai usor Legumele care le mancam noi de la vecinii nostrii din copilarie ca erau furate sau luate imprumut sau pentru simplu motiv ca ce are vecinul e oricum mai bun decat ce ai tu … exista … firav dar exista inca si sper ca din ce in ce mai multa lume sa realizeze ca nu e doar o teorie a unor paranoici …. si ca ceea ce creste acum ca si GMO sau umplut de ingrasaminte sintetice nu o sa aiba niciodata gustul celor din gradina bunicii sau vecinului in cazul tau 😉 Sunt un patriot 😉 si stii de ce pentru ca nu ma bat cu boltarul in piept ca sunt roman ci pentru ca am reusit sa cultiv cateva legume intr-un format arhaic … ca sa ii zic asa … si crede-ma ca gustul e acolo … pune la pamant balega si sa vezi ca rosiile sunt la fel ca pe vremuri !!! la fel si castravetii la fel si multe alte legume …
    Azi am vazut completarea la un panou electoral … Schimbarea care o vrei in lume incepe cu tine!!! No offence !!! Nu era adresata personal era pur si simplu o remarca la lumea in care traim !!!

  3. Vasile
    September 6, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    Si iata ca in 2016 au reusit sa-l impuna pe piata foarte legal…

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