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Planet Earth , our home !

I’ve recently saw a documentary about the Planet Earth and its resources .. was not the first documentary I saw about it and will not be the last but this one was something totally different … I was quite impressed by the story line , about the images and I must say , the message its sending went right to my heart.

You should watch it also and get the message , and try to do something about it. You do a small part , I do a small part and maybe we can all do something together.
I understand it’s hard to change the way we live and the way we think , change our habits but at least we can change some of them if not all.

For not so long time ago I heard a commercial where they were saying : We are transporting about 100kg of goods per citizen each day … Do WE REALLY need that much ? Who the heck it’s consuming 100kg of goods every day ?
I guess we might use 5kg/day and maybe that is also to much .. what is going to happen with the rest ?? It will be thrown out and wasted. We became a population of wasters and really don’t care about anything around us. We don’t really care if our children will still have a HOME tomorrow when we will not be here anymore.

Do you really need the latest iPhone 4 ?  No , you don’t but you like to be trendy and to have the latest gadgets even if  your  “old” phone it’s an iPhone 3 and works just as nice as the new one.

Do you really need the latest type of shoes ? No , you just want your friends to see you well dressed.

Do you really need to drink only water bolted in France or Dubai , or do I know where ?  No , you don’t , the tap water is as good as the other one even better but someone told you
that it’s to dangerous to drink it.

For only a few generations ago , everyone was wearing the same type of shoes , driving the same type of cars and no one had a mobile and believe me , people were more happy than now , more full of joy and life.

We work like some idiots night and day to produce more and more so we can use more and more , and more we use , more we want to produce…. until when ? To what end ?

We are using oil like never before and soon will be over with it. Why don’t we use our minds to find other types of energy sources ? Why don’t we just try to walk to the store , it’s 1000m away and we could just walk … but no , we take the car.

Really , don’t understand the humanity anymore … we are a greedy race and we really don’t think about our future , about our children.
If you don’t care about you , care about them. The money can’t buy them a new Planet Earth.

Take care of your our children , take care of earth.

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