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7077 The Advantage Data Dictionary cannot be opened

7077 The Advantage Data Dictionary cannot be opened, this is one of the errors you might receive when running an application against an Advantage Database Server.

We have a medical application called “Æskulap” developed in Denmark by Medcom . This application was running just fine on our Windows 2003 server, then we had to move the application and the Advantage Database Server on a newer Windows 2008 R2 Server because the old machine was now out of warranty and it started also to have some small issues. So we decided to move the Advantage Database Server and Æskulap from the old Windows 2003 machine to a new hardware.

The migration process was quite simple, install a new Advantage Database Server on the new machine, copy all the data from the Æskulap folder to the new server and simply start working from the new share on the new server.

The problem started to appear soon after we started the Æskulap on more than one machine. The issues we encountered were :

– If Æskulap started we started receiving the “7077 The Advantage Data Dictionary cannot be opened” error.
– When the Æskulap started, it started very slow
– Æskulap was very slow, moving between menus and processes inside the application took much more time than usual.

I tried to research the problem on Google and none of the solutions applied to me and as I did not know what else I could do I decided to call the support line.

I called Profdoc support department and they immediately told me that this is a well known issue and it is a communication problem between the client and ADS server. I told them that this can not be the case because I was getting the 7077 error also when I tried to start the Æskulap from the local machine, there where both Æskulap and the Advantage Database Server was installed.

Then I was told to check my firewall, check the permissions and many other “might be this” solutions. Nothing helped and the guys from Profdoc did not even try to look at some log files or try to start e debugger or something like this … nothing. Even more, they saw that I did not yet activated my  Windows license and they started bragging that it is therefore my software is not working and I was told they will cease to give me support until I will activate my windows.
Anyway, after more than one hour on the phone with the Profdoc support line (server management) they gave up and I was on my own.

So my problem was still there, I was still getting the 7077 error sporadically. I observed that if I tried to start Æskulap and got the error, then tried to start it again in a few seconds the error was gone and I could log on.
I started looking for documentation on Advantage Database Server and settings for this and I found out that normally no INI file is needed for it in order to run but it can use an initialization file, ads.ini, to override specific default settings such as the Advantage server type.
Looking on the old server I could see no ads.ini file and I decided to make one myself.

Windows – In order for the ads.ini file to be used, it must be located in the application directory, the Windows directory, the Windows System directory, or the client’s search path.” says the ADS Developer Zone on their site.

My file then looks like this :




I did it like  this with both FQDN and Netbios name because I still have some old machines on the network and I did not want to have any other issues later. All my machines have mapped the S: drive by a GPO.

After I added the ads.ini file everything started working like a charm !

ConclusionWhen running Advantage Database Server on a Windows 2008 R2 server you most likely will need an ads.ini initialization file in order to have a working system. Also after adding the ads.ini file, the Æskulap was much more faster and nobody complained about speed anymore.


  1. Jeferson Oliveira
    December 15, 2011 at 10:47 am


    What a pity you have (also) suffered from this (and a lot of other) ADS magic and poor documented errors.

    Your conclusion is not so accurate. The most advisable conclusion is: “Do not Advantage Database Server, a product that argue to be Oracle and MSSQL competitor and has quality and support of poorer quality than any free and open-source database, which community care about you more than the ADS representatives”. 🙂

    Migrate all of my ADS (also medical and mission critical) applications to Firebird and never have my customers so satisfied about performance and availability of my products. Considering the Firebird (or other free DBMS’s quality) you will see that continue with ADS does not worthwhile!

    I did use ADS for 2 years, and don’t want to remember those years anymore!

  2. December 15, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    Well, we got rid of the ADS server by selling the daughter company that used this software 🙂
    Now it’s someones else headache.

  3. Murgroup
    November 7, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    Thank you for this article. Our client runs AltPoint which uses Advantage DB. We moved them to Server 2012 R2 and were getting the 7077 error. Created the ads.ini file and put it in the alta directory. Problem solved.

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