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Google Doodle – “Rober Noyce” ??? … or is it Robert Noyce

December 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Every now and then Google changes it’s Doodle to something of big importance for the day or week or even the month.

Today’s Google Doodle it supposed to be about Robert Noyce but someone at Google was kinda sleepy when he added the Doodle and instead of “Robert Noyce” , when you click the Doodle you are going to see search results for “Rober Noyce”.

This is how the Google Doodle looks like today :

And this is the search pattern for it :

Happyu Doodling Google and Happy Birthday Rober Noyce ūüôā


INTIUM Fungicide … what’s netx ? Potatoes growing in the tree ?

October 19, 2010 3 comments

I just came across this today and seems interesting …
BASF corporation in Germany developed a new type of fungicide called INTIUM and although no European country approved the product , Romania did it and it started to use it.

First lets take a look at the word fnugicide and bring up some relevant words :
Here is the definition from Wikipedia :

Fungicides are chemical compounds or biological organisms used to kill or inhibit fungi or fungal spores. Fungi can cause serious damage in agriculture, resulting in critical losses of yield, quality and profit. ” (so it’s all about profit in the end)

What the english wikipedia dos not say its the following (from the Danish wikipedia) :
“The problem is that the funds – in addition to being fungicidal – also impacts on livestock and humans. In most cases, the acute toxic effects are very small (see LD50), but it does not preclude the funds can produce very strong long-term effects in terms of heritable changes (mutations), hypersensitivity reactions (allergies) or cancer.”

Yet , this pesticide not yet tested was already approved in Romania for country wide use , and furthermore , the Romanian authorities have recognized testing the INTIUM since 2007 !!

Here it’s the BASF press release :
Quote :

‚ÄúWe are very excited about Initium. It is the latest fungicide from our innovative pipeline developed for the fast-growing specialty crop business. It joins a whole range of BASF active ingredients in this segment, such as boscalid, F ¬† 500 ¬ģ , dimethomorph, and metrafenone‚ÄĚ, says Peter Eckes, head of research and development at BASF‚Äôs Crop Protection division.

Now let’s take a look at the ingredients mentioned and in special one of them : Dimethomorph (not present in the Wikipedia … wonder why)
From another source :
Dimethomorph is only slightly toxic to mammals. The LD50, the dose which kills half of the test animals who consume it, is 3900 mg/kg for rats, 5000 mg/kg for male mice, and 3700 mg/kg for female mice (2). The LD50 for rats whose skin is exposed to dimethomorph is greater than 2000 mg/kg (2, 5). The concentration of dimethomorph in air which is fatal to half of the animals tested, the LC50, is greater than 4.24 mg/l air for rats. Dimethomorph is non-irritating to rabbit eyes and skin (1). It is non-sensitizing to guinea pigs’ skin (3).

Please note that the Danish Wikipedia mentioned the LD50 as being one of the substances that can cause cancer.

You can do a bit of research yourself on what the product contains and what not , but some sources say that INTIUM can cause Colon Cancer and that once the substance ingested
would be pretty hard to eliminate from the body.

Why in the world would Romania approve a substance that is NOT APPROVED in EU and no other country wanted to test it or use it because of the risks involved ??
Did BASF corporation came with a bag of money just like many other companies in the world when they came in Romania to bribe governments in order to make profit from thin air ?

Now Romania it’s first … and I bet some more will follow in the next few years because people want MORE food even if they don’t consume it.

Why the hell would you need to buy 5 kg potatoes when you only need to eat 1 and the rest will get thrown out after a while ? Why do we buy more than we actually need ? Just because we like to waste ?
If we all would buy just what we NEED and not what we THINK we need , there will be no need to have an agriculture based on fungicides and we might just survive what’s coming for us.

The taste of the food its not the same and will never be again as it was when I was a kid stealing tomatoes from the neighbors garden and eat them like apples because they tasted so freaking GOOD.

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Chemtrails all over the world

March 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Well , for the past 3 weeks I habe been watching the sky .. and the weather generally.
Every single morning , between 7:30 and 9-10am , the sky is nice , ALMOST clear and just a few clouds around , but you can still see some chemtrails around.
Then at 9-10am the sky goes gray and the sun will vanish behind the gray artificial clouds.
I do not know if it is only me but for the past 3 weeks the chemtrails have been there EVERY SINGLE DAY !
Everyone is talking about the Global Warming and stuff , but the days are cold , colder than any of the past years now in March , so where is the Global Warming .. I don’t feel it , do you ?

I don’t really care about me but now I have kids and I do have to think about their future, and I am thinking about the pilots that spray us every day .. don’t they have famillies , don’t they have kids and nephews ? Are they so well paid to close the eyes ? Wake up people ! Look up in the sky .
Do you think those nasty clouds are naturally formed ? Do you think those long white sahpes in the sky are¬† natural .. still think those are Contrails ? I don’t.

And the Chemtrails¬†are more and more each day and more intense. In most of the nights the sky is clear but at about 7:30pm I can hear a plane flying at low altitude .. I can’t see what it does and what kind it is but will fly from South to North and the other way around a few times until 8:30-9pm and it does not fly at the same time .. so it can’t be a commercial plane or passanger with a fixed schedule. Sometimes it comes at 7:30 , other times at 8 , sometimes it’s not flying at all.

If you people care about yourself and your familly , about the planet Erath then it’s time to wake up and ask some questions !!

Wake up ! Look UP ! Ask questions!

Plane chemtrailing



Chemtrail , south Denmark

Chemtrail , South Denmark

Chemtrailed Sky

Chemtrailed Sky

This is after about 1 hour

After 1 hour of spraying

Google suggest … why not ?

March 3, 2010 Leave a comment

I made an interesting discovery today.
You know how Google will try to suggest your search query ? Go for example at and start typing in the search field “breaking” ..¬† and you will see that Google will suggest the next words and show you the approximation of the results found..

Well , try to start your query with “uncensored” … and surprise, surprise ….. no suggestions from Google ? Why ? When you perform the search the results would be about 6,2mil …
So , why no suggestions here ? Is this a bug or is just no one that made that search before ?

Interesting huh ?


July 12, 2009 2 comments

Tot stau si ma intreb … de ce nu mai scrie lumea scrisori ? … de cand cu internetul asta si cu e-mailul nu mai scrie lumea scrisori.

Imi aduc aminte , inainte sa apara internetul scriam scrisori mereu. Ba unui scriitor , ba unui prieten aflat la departare , ba unei iubite … scriam .. si nu scriam pe calulator , scriam de mina. Cati dintre voi mai scriu azi de mina ? De ce se mai invata scrisul in scoli ?
Vad peste tot in lume , inclusiv in Romania , elevi pe bancile scolii , care mai decare cu notebookuri (laptopuri) fistichii , cu tesxtpaduri si alte gadgeturi care mai de care mai smechere.
Ma intreb , cati dintre acesti elevi stiu sa scrie de mina ? Cati dintre ei vor mai sti sa scrie de mina ? Eu zic ca e pacat.

E drept , nici eu nu prea am mai scris de mina cam de mult timp , dar de maine ma apuc de scris din nou de mina … am sa scriu scrisori. Iubita nu mai am (ca sunt insurat) , dar prieteni tot mai am si sunt sigur ca va fi o surpriza placuta pentru ei in momentul in care au sa primeasca o scrisoare cu POSTA ūüôā
Parca e mai fascinant , mai nostalgic , zic eu sa primesti o scrisoare , e de moda veche stiu , dar totusi e mai placut.
E o surpriza placuta sa primesti in posta o scrisoare scrisa de cineva , pe linga toate reclamele si spamul pe care il primim astazi , pe linga toate facturile si toate tampeniile pe care le primim azi in cutia postala.

Va sugerez sa incercati si voi sa scrieti o scrisoare unui prieten , unei iubite , parintilor sau cuiva apropiat si sa vedeti surpriza placuta si bucuria pe care o sa o aduceti in inima destinatarului.
Eu zic sa scrieti acum cat mai aveti ocazia si in acelasi timp sa incercati experienta primirii unui raspuns la scrisoarea dumneavoastra.

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Este …

April 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Este o mini VACANTA¬† incepand de maine … adica este PASTELE¬† aici , in Romania e abea peste o saptamina , dar deh , sunt obligat sa imi iau liber acum zilele astea ca se inchide cam tot pe aici si oricum nu o sa fie nimeni la munca.

Este si CRIZA Economica dupa cum spun unii …¬† si asha zic si eu , este si CRIZA economica , am simtit-o pe pielea mea. Dupa 9 ani de munca si munca tata nu asha , am fost nevoit sa inchid firma.
Nu mai merge , pur si simplu. Am vandut tot mai putin si mai putin si acum de prin Decembrie mai nimic. Dealeri mei nu mai cumpara de la mine (de fapt de pe la nimeni) , totul se misca incet si de la prost in jos. Bancile iti dau cu usha in nas , creditorii iti dau cu teancu de facturi in cap , clienti iti dau cu flitu cand le spui sa isi plateasca facturile si tot asha lantul slabiciunilor continua. Stocurile nu se mai micsoreaza , banii din cont scad pe zi ce trece , aia la care tre sa le dai bani suna zilnic , aia care tre sa iti dea bani tie nu ridica telefonul si maine poimaine ma trezesc cu un avocat care a venit sa puna sechestru pe ce mai e pe aici.

Este NASHPA in momentul de fata … au fost vremuri grele si vin vremuri cacacioase , asha ca am cumparat din timp un stoc bun de hartie igienica , va fi criza mare de hartie igienica asha ca va sfatuiesc sa va faceti provizii de hartie. Uni zic ca o sa fie mai bine din vara … e aproape vara … dar naiba mai stie ce si cum are sa fie … pe mine ma intereseaza cum ESTE acum si ce o sa fac maine si poimaine si saptamina viitoare si nu la vara.

Si cine ESTE de vina pentru criza asta … ESTE aia care au prea mult si care nu se mai satura si vor sa faca din multi multi bani si mai multi multi bani in timp cat mai scurt fara sa isi miste fundul gras din scaunul de bancher.¬† Daca nu pricepeti cum e cu criza asta uite este aici un filmulet mic (pe la mijlocu paginii) care o sa va explice care e treaba si cine sunt vinovatii.


Si mai sunt televiziunile si media care fac din tantar armasar si nu prea mai au ce scrie si ce comenta si atunci ii dau cu criza inainte si inapoi. Pai cand auzi la TV ca e criza , ca se da afara , ca fabricile inchid , ca se fac concedieri masive si alte alea , iti mai vine sa iesi in orash sa cumperi ceva ? Normal ca nu si te gandesti cam cum o sa fie maine si ce o sa fie si nu prea iti vine sa cheltui bani …. si daca tu nu cheltui bani si nimeni nu cheltuie decat pe mancare (ca tre sa halesti ceva) se duce dracu tot de ripa.

Este ?


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Taxa auto

January 30, 2008 18 comments

Daca unora li se pare ilegala aceasta taxa atunci ar trebui sa ne uitam putin la tari ca Danemarca sau Portugalia.
In Danemarca taxele de inregistrare a masinilor importate care au valoare de peste 10.000 Euro (aproximativ) este de 180% iar in Portugalia este pe undeva pe aproape.
O data cu intrarea romaniei in EU fiecare tara are voie sa aiba si legile ei interne , independente de comunitatea europeana cu privire la taxele interne.
Asha ca nu stiu de ce se plinge toata lumea de aceasta taxa de poluare care este de fapt una dintre putinele taxe care urmeaza sa apara in Romania in urma aderarii la Uniunea Europeana.

Deci nu cred ca taxa impusa in romania este singulara si intr-un fel se va mai diminua numarul de masini care circula pe strazile (si asha aglomerate) ale Romaniei.

In Iulie 2005 , comisia europeana a prezentat o propunere  (COM/2005/261/FINAL)pentru o directiva care sa oblige statele membre sa restrucureze legea taxatie pentru inregistrarea masinilor in statele membre:

The operation of 25 different tax systems for passenger cars within the EU has resulted in tax
obstacles such as double taxation, tax-induced cross-border transfer of cars, distortions and
inefficiencies, which impede the proper functioning of the Internal Market. European citizens
currently face double payment of Registration Tax (RT), considerable administrative
procedures and extra costs, time losses and various obstacles to the free movement of their
passenger cars within the Community.”

Puteti citi mai multe aici despre cum se calculeaza taxa pentru inregistrarea masinilor in Danemarca si o sa vedeti ca altii se plang de taxele astea de mult mai mult timp: