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Chemtrails …or maybe something else ?

April 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I have been reading a lot about Chemtrails and HAARP, seen videos, searched information and so long and I was thinking: Why would they do this ? (Whoever does it). If they do it world wide they are also doing it to their children and relatives and friends etc., so there must be more to it than just simply trying to change the weather and population control. What if this chemtrails that are actually clouding the sky have a totally another purpose ?

From what we have all seen, after they spray, the sky will get white and the atmosphere looks more like smog, then later on will be cloudy and then the sun is gone and you can’t see trough. So I was thinking, what if the actual intention is to simply COVER the sky so we can’t see what is really happening up there ? Or even to be able to detect more easy objects moving really fast trough atmosphere ? When the atmosphere is filled up with those particles I guess would be easier to spot an object moving to fast ? Or when cloudy, whatever is over the clouds can only be seen by a satellite pointing to the earth ?

I have seen a few videos with recent UFO sightings like the ones in Russia, Romania, Norway, China and there can be clearly seen objects moving trough a “dense” atmosphere leaving trails and marks behind. Can this trails be caused by the chemtrails , or should i say, made possible to see because of the chemtrailing ? I think this is quite an interesting point of view.

There is also a quite nice video with some UFO sighting in Russia, with red lights in the sky in the clouds and if you look better at a few sequences this do not seem like separate objects but rather like a MASSIVE one with lights all over it … kinda frighting to imagine an object as big as a city hidden in the dense clouds.

So a new theory would be that the Chemtrails actual role would be to HIDE something in the sky or help the military to detect much more easier whatever they want to detect.
As about what HAARP has to do with this, I can only see HAARP as a weapon and I live it up to you to think how can it be used and for what when thinking : UFO + Chemtrails + HAARP

Still the question remains: Chemtrails to protect us from something, protect something else from us, or simply just to spray us ?


Chemtrails all over the world

March 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Well , for the past 3 weeks I habe been watching the sky .. and the weather generally.
Every single morning , between 7:30 and 9-10am , the sky is nice , ALMOST clear and just a few clouds around , but you can still see some chemtrails around.
Then at 9-10am the sky goes gray and the sun will vanish behind the gray artificial clouds.
I do not know if it is only me but for the past 3 weeks the chemtrails have been there EVERY SINGLE DAY !
Everyone is talking about the Global Warming and stuff , but the days are cold , colder than any of the past years now in March , so where is the Global Warming .. I don’t feel it , do you ?

I don’t really care about me but now I have kids and I do have to think about their future, and I am thinking about the pilots that spray us every day .. don’t they have famillies , don’t they have kids and nephews ? Are they so well paid to close the eyes ? Wake up people ! Look up in the sky .
Do you think those nasty clouds are naturally formed ? Do you think those long white sahpes in the sky areĀ  natural .. still think those are Contrails ? I don’t.

And the ChemtrailsĀ are more and more each day and more intense. In most of the nights the sky is clear but at about 7:30pm I can hear a plane flying at low altitude .. I can’t see what it does and what kind it is but will fly from South to North and the other way around a few times until 8:30-9pm and it does not fly at the same time .. so it can’t be a commercial plane or passanger with a fixed schedule. Sometimes it comes at 7:30 , other times at 8 , sometimes it’s not flying at all.

If you people care about yourself and your familly , about the planet Erath then it’s time to wake up and ask some questions !!

Wake up ! Look UP ! Ask questions!

Plane chemtrailing



Chemtrail , south Denmark

Chemtrail , South Denmark

Chemtrailed Sky

Chemtrailed Sky

This is after about 1 hour

After 1 hour of spraying