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Force RDC 6 Install – Force KB952155 install – RDC 6.1 Install over RDC 7

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I guess many of you have had this problem until now with the new Remote Desktop Client version 7 and Termianl Server Published applications using Windows XP clients.
The problem is that on Termianl Server Published applications the user is unable to choose an option from a drop down menu when running it on a Windows XP client with RDC 7 installed.

I had this problem with the Microsoft Dynamics Axapta and RDC7 , choosing printer under a published application and RDC7 and some drop down menus not working. If the clients are running RDC 6.1 then you can simply apply a Microsoft patch KB968358 and the problem will be fixed. But if you are as unlucky as I am and you have already installed RDC 7 on the clients you can not apply the patch anymore. Or if you deployed the RDC 7 client trough Wsus, you can not choose the uninstall option and if you have 2-3k clients this becomes a serious problem.

Of course I have open a case with Microsoft and I was told plain and simple to piss off as I am to small for them to bother with my problem but I am not the only one and I should just upgrade all my clients to Windows 7, which for me is not an option.

So if you are in the same boat as I am you have only a few options :

1. Uninstall RDC7 (KB969084) on all the machines if you still have the $NtUninstallKB969084$ folder under the Windows catalog.
You can simply make a logon script that will execute something like this :

start /wait %SYSTEMROOT%$NtUninstallKB969084$spuninstspuninst.exe /q

Which will uninstall the RDC 7 quietly.
Then install RDC 6.1 and then apply the KB968358 patch.

2. If you no longer have the %SYSTEMROOT%$NtUninstallKB969084$ folder that means you can not uninstall and somehow you will have to trick the RDC 6.1 installation.
In this case you can just overwrite a few files on the System32 folder and use the brute force 🙂
You will need to replace the mstsc.exe and mstscax.dll files in the %SYSTEMROOT%system32 folder  and depending on your language locale (in my case Danish / German)
also this mstscax.dll.mui and mstsc.exe.mui within the %SYSTEMROOT%system32da-dk  (da-dk or de-de or any other language you might have)

You can download the RDC 6.1 files from HERE and unpack them on a shared folder on one of your servers. (There is no RDC 6 MSI package available from Microsoft) Then download the KB968358 patch and put it in the same location (the patch will be named WindowsXP-KB968358-x86-ENU.exe or something like this).
Make a logon script that would look something like this:

@echo off

cd %SYSTEMROOT%system32
Echo Renaming Old RDC 7 Files….

ren mstsc.exe mstsc99.exe
ren mstscax.dll mstscax99.dll

cd %SYSTEMROOT%system32da-dk

ren mstscax.dll.mui mstscax99.dll.mui
ren mstsc.exe.mui mstsc99.exe.mui

Echo Copy new files to local machine….

copy \servernamesharenamemstsc.exe %SYSTEMROOT%system32 /y
copy \servernamesharenamemstscax.dll %SYSTEMROOT%system32 /y
copy \servernamesharenamemstscax.dll.mui %SYSTEMROOT%system32da-dk /y
copy \servernamesharenamemstsc.exe.mui %SYSTEMROOT%system32da-dk /y

Echo Starting the patch….

start /wait \servernamesharenameWindowsXP-KB968358-x86-ENU /q

echo Patch Done

Now you can run your published application and everything should be fine.