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Chemtrails all over the world

March 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Well , for the past 3 weeks I habe been watching the sky .. and the weather generally.
Every single morning , between 7:30 and 9-10am , the sky is nice , ALMOST clear and just a few clouds around , but you can still see some chemtrails around.
Then at 9-10am the sky goes gray and the sun will vanish behind the gray artificial clouds.
I do not know if it is only me but for the past 3 weeks the chemtrails have been there EVERY SINGLE DAY !
Everyone is talking about the Global Warming and stuff , but the days are cold , colder than any of the past years now in March , so where is the Global Warming .. I don’t feel it , do you ?

I don’t really care about me but now I have kids and I do have to think about their future, and I am thinking about the pilots that spray us every day .. don’t they have famillies , don’t they have kids and nephews ? Are they so well paid to close the eyes ? Wake up people ! Look up in the sky .
Do you think those nasty clouds are naturally formed ? Do you think those long white sahpes in the sky areĀ  natural .. still think those are Contrails ? I don’t.

And the ChemtrailsĀ are more and more each day and more intense. In most of the nights the sky is clear but at about 7:30pm I can hear a plane flying at low altitude .. I can’t see what it does and what kind it is but will fly from South to North and the other way around a few times until 8:30-9pm and it does not fly at the same time .. so it can’t be a commercial plane or passanger with a fixed schedule. Sometimes it comes at 7:30 , other times at 8 , sometimes it’s not flying at all.

If you people care about yourself and your familly , about the planet Erath then it’s time to wake up and ask some questions !!

Wake up ! Look UP ! Ask questions!

Plane chemtrailing



Chemtrail , south Denmark

Chemtrail , South Denmark

Chemtrailed Sky

Chemtrailed Sky

This is after about 1 hour

After 1 hour of spraying